Sunday, November 30, 2014

I realized today that I am a hoarder and not just a hoarder but the worst and most dangerous kind ..... I am an emotional hoarder ..... I have been gathering in and hanging on to pain, hurt, disappointments, failures and the list just keeps going ..... I have never fully cast away anything that has affected me in a negative way ....

Today just like a clutter hoarder I am trapped, I am burdened down and no room left for anything else  ... I am literally dying from the  personal hell I have created and let clutter my life
That is why I have decided to first seek help .... I need someone to help me sort my emotional clutter out and help me to cast away what I don't need and clean up and find the things that are  necessities of life ... Things that has been buried beneath clutter for years

I have to admit that I have learned not to be so attracted to clutter and most times these days I can cast it away but I am still unable to move on because of all the clutter that has become a part of me over the years

So I told you all that to say that I have decided to make 2015 my year to rid myself of useless clutter and pull myself out of the garbage heap of negative bullshit I have so eagerly latched unto
2015 will be my year where I will cast away the bad and clean up and proudly display the good .... I hope you will join me on my journey and maybe I can inspire others to do the same

Cya all in the new year!!!!!

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