Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pet Peeves or OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)

Have you ever got all snuggled into bed, sighed, wiggled your toes  and then have one of the most dreadful thing happen …. You feel it with your toes  …. oh no it’s a wrinkle in the sheet  …. you move around your foot and try to convince yourself you didn’t feel it but there is no escaping it  ….. There’s  a wrinkle in the sheet and its main goal is to drive you crazy, so crazy that it will cause you to jump out of bed pull the sheet and whatever other bed covering off the bed while completely ignoring the fact that your husband is now wide awake from his peaceful sleep and sitting up in the bed ready to fight the home intrusion  that must now be taking place …

You still  holding the sheets, say its ok baby, there was a wrinkle in the sheet  ….. You finally remake the bed as your shocked and bewildered husband is laying there looking at you like you have now become a stranger to him, a very weird and dangerous stranger and then you calmly climb back in bed wiggle your toes and sigh  ….. hmmmm that is so much better ….

Then there is that moment in time when you glance across the room and you see some of  the slats in your blinds are completely cockeyed to the rest of them …. You walk (well kinda run) across the room and fix each one of them while in your mind your wondering if there were a slight chance someone drove by, looked and saw the bloody disaster that was just hung in your window ….

On display for all the world to see because people drive out of their way to see if your blind is in a neat mannered fashion :) … It doesn’t help to know that you have on occasion seen other people’s blinds in a complete mess as you drove by their home and secretly wished you could go knock on their door and ask if you could fix their blind …..

So I tell you all this to ask …. Are these things just mere pet peeves or would some say you’re borderline OCD? …… See I have pet peeves like the toilet seat not down or lights on in the day but I can ignore those and I don’t get that rapid heart beating anxiety I get from sheet wrinkles or disarrayed blinds ….

So you tell me is there anyone else out there that even comes close to such behavior or am I left wondering if I should talk about it with my therapist on my next visit ……


  1. lol - well the sheets don't bother me but the blinds, I fully understand. When I go by a house with crooked blinds it makes me wonder how people can live like that :o and lights on the during the day drives me absolutely insane!

  2. lol ...We must be all a little crazy ....Just different shades of crazy lol


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