Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Shingle Bells and Decisions to be made

Hi everyone .... I guess by now you are all ready to start the holiday madness .... I have been off the grid for awhile because I now am dealing with the shingles .... It seems my madness is not confined to a season or a holiday ..... The rash is going away but I am not sleeping because of the pain.... Oh well I will just sing "Shingle Bells"

The days are so cold here and because we have underground parking I don't realize how cold it is until I get out of the car and then its like shock therapy ..... I'm getting more contend here now .... I should say just contend enough to make the time we have to stay here more enjoyable ..... I will never stop dreaming about going back home to Colorado .....

I have received some good news I had another mammogram and it came back with good results so I was relieved about that .... I had my call to go  to orientation about the bariatric surgery but I am still unsure on what to do about that ..... I know I need to lose weight because of my diabetes but I just can't help but think that is such a hard and desperate journey .... I still think I need to give other things a try but I'm not sure what ......

I think its a decision that should be made when your in a good place and good frame of mind and I am neither at the moment .....

Anyways that is a decision that I will have to make after the holidays........ Any opinions ????

Happy Holidays to all my friends and followers and I wish fun times, safety and good health to you all


  1. Oh Kath ... I so feel for you. At the moment, I'm trying to walk every morning to help with the weight I have piled on lately. I also have diabetes so this weight is not a good thing as it blocks my medication. It's awfully hard to get up and go out in this heat battling the flies ( I absolutely hate the litlle pests). Then at 3pm .. the couch always looks so inviting and a nana nap was winning every time. Shame we don't live closer, we could fight this battle together. Enjoy your Christmas. Hugs Sue

    1. That would be nice to live close to you ..... You enjoy your Christmas too and hopefully the flies will go soon ... Its too cold here for a fly to live :)

  2. Oh dear, I have heard shingles is extremely painful :( Glad to hear you got some good news with the mammogram. I find it so hard to get out and exercise in the cold weather. I just find it hard to get motivated in the winter. Hope you are feeling better soon!


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