Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Why did I google pondering .... Now I ponder over everything :)

Hi everyone .... I hope you are all doing fine .... Its a dreary evening here with a forecast for snow and lower temps .... I am kinda enjoying the weather this year ... I don't have to go out much and Michael's drive to work is less than ten minutes so let Winter come :)

This has been a very busy few days for me .... The end of last week I got my mammogram done and Monday I had my eye exam taken care of and a fibroscan done on my liver ....Everything was fine so far except for the fibroscan ..... I found out I have fibrosis and its bad so I have to lose weight and change my eating habits ..... I also got a call to go to an orientation for bariatric surgery but I talked about it with Michael and read more about it and I really don't think its the right thing for me right now .... I just don't feel good about it so I am going to try and follow the advice of the dietitian once I get my appointment with them .... I just think that you have to give something a honest try before you start thinking about bariatric surgery and I haven't ...... I spent most of the day "pondering" over this and I hope I am making the right decisions ....

My pain is bad some days and I hate the fact I have to deal with but I do think I am learning to manage it better ... I have been using some aleve and I am trying to deal with having the temp in the *penthouse* a little warmer

I am trying to come to terms with the fact that I may not be able to work anymore because of my fibromyalgia but I refuse to lay in bed and let it take over my life this winter ... I have to come up with some things to do instead of just sitting around ... Someone is offering art classes just up the street and its cheap I think ... Its just $12.00 a lesson so I may look into that after Xmas .... Maybe I have a painter inside me waiting to surface :)

Well I think I'm rambling now so I should go and get dinner going ... I hope you're all safe and warm tonight ...... Until next time ......

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