Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Journey to Me...... "If I do then I do" .... Thank You Kayla

“Wisdom oft comes from the mouth of babes.”

I have now decided to take the Day 1 2 or 3 out of my title because I feel like by always stating the day blogging has now become a choir and some days things happen and some days things don't :) and I don't want to feel like I am obligated to rave on each and everyday I do this for my readers sake as well as my own ......

On my Facebook yesterday my great niece from Michael's side of the family was in a video posted by her dad and she was singing and playing a small guitar ..... I'm not sure how old she is but I'm thinking not over 4 or 5 ...She was singing Twinkle Twinkle and then she kind of went of in her own song and she would say.... If I play with my mom and dad if I want to then I will and if I do then I can and she sang about different things including her friends, brothers and sisters and her cat then she ended the song with "If I do then I do"  ....

After listening to it for the 3rd time I found myself singing If I do then I do and it was like it became inspiring ....Some of you may be laughing by now but I really believe everything happens for a reason and to me on this particular day it inspired me to not be so hard on myself ....Just do what I can and the world won't end if I don't ....

 My lesson today ....You can't force yourself to be happy or positive its something that you work on daily and as each day passes it gets to be less an effort ...

That song may never make it to a billboard hit but then again it may :)


  1. Encontrarse bien y ser feliz todos los días... es pedir demasiado, y casi imposible (pero ojalá lo consigas); yo pienso, que no existen cosas imposibles, sino personas incapaces.
    Saludos desde Sevilla.

  2. Thank You Manuel ...Yes it is hard but I try ....Its not everyday I succeed but I will still try


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