Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 2 ....Changing Me

Hi Friends
I kinda said out loud on Facebook yesterday I was going to start changing my attitude and starting with being more positive ....First the reason being is I am scared of what the future will hold for me if I keep going the way I am ....I found out from my doctor this week that not only to I have to battle with diabetes and fibromyalgia and some unknown autoimmune disease that's attacking my joints but now my liver has enlarged and I have severe fatty liver..... I look at all this  and see how loosing weight and becoming more active could or in some cases would take care of a lot of it.....

But I have also come to find out unless I start liking myself and stop playing a poor pitiful victim I will never succeed in any of it ....It is true that the blind can't lead the blind and brokenness cannot fix brokenness  ...I can't depend on anyone to fix the brokenness in me only me and to do that I have to start being positive and start liking myself ....

So I am going to be getting all eye rolling sappy and if you want you can follow my journey back to me via my blog .....

My first day was deciding to do it and on the advice of a friend I decided to set small goals in liking myself and for now I have to accept me as I am and start my new journey on a positive note :)

The first half of my life may have been stolen from me but I am taking over the second half


  1. Whau!! That is a good list. It is hard to do anything like this but the results are so wonderful. I believe you can do it and I am expecting the best. Every time I came here to read I know I will read something more positive and that you are making all the changes to achieve the above mentioned. Good Luck!!

  2. Thank You Angela .... I am one of those who believe that everyone comes into your life for a reason ...Some come to be blessed and uplifted and some come to bless and uplift and you are the latter for me ....Thank you so much !!!!


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