Sunday, August 25, 2013

Nice Drive and Some Updates

I know when I tell you all this you're all going to think I finally lost it but last night I started slowly weaning myself off some of the meds I am taking.....Right now I am taking 60mg Cymbalta once a day ... 50mg of Lyrica twice daily.... 200mg of Hydroxychloroquine  Sulfate 2 a day and 2 sleeping pills to help me sleep at night plus meds for my diabetes and high blood pressure ...I am going around most of the day drugged to the max and still having pain at times ...I am having memory lost and sometimes I am so confused and tired I can't remember certain words to say ....I just can't live like it anymore

So I have decided to try and cut back and handle some of the pain on my own  I am seeing my doctor this week to get the Cymbalta changed to 30mg and I have already started to cut the sleeping pills, lyrica and Hydroxyl back to just one a day or night .....

I slept fine last night I woke up at 5.30am but the early bird gets the worm :) and today I feel more alert I'm not sure if its my mind or the lack of meds ...So my next blog will either be where are my meds or I feel so good :)

We went out for a drive today and it was so much fun ...We haven't been getting out a lot since Michael lost his job but today I grabbed my Tom Petty and John Prine CD and we went out to the country it was beautiful .... We found a green apple tree growing in the wild so I had to get some to bring home .... It was a blast......... Here are a few photos I took .... Please enjoy ....



  1. What a lovely day out for you. Quiet and peaceful is the way to go. Sue

  2. I am glad for your decision. I hate medicine and only take it when I have no other way. Lovely photos! The country offers such tranquility.

  3. I love the horse pictures, so pastoral and calm. Thanks for sharing


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