Thursday, June 6, 2013

365 Day Challenge .....

 I thought I would give this a try and try to get track of a year of my life .... So many changes are happening right now and most days my head is spinning .....Michael still haven't found a job and yesterday I had a major panic attack ....My first really bad one in years .......I can usually tell when one is coming and control my breathing and thoughts and it won't happen but this one just came out of nowhere and I found myself on all 4s in the spare room just gasping for air ....I somehow called for Michael and he came in and talked me down but it took awhile to get over it ......When the bad ones happen I feel like a caged animal and someone has cut of the oxygen and I'm gasping for each breath ...But it passed and today I feel fine ......

I had such a pleasant chat with my Aunt last night and she has encouraged me so much ....I really need to change my diet and start walking .....I'm much too young to be laying in bed all day ...I have to talk back some parts of my life that this Fibromyalgia has stolen from me ...I'm sure there will still be painful days but maybe I can make the days that are not too painful more pleasant ...I just know I have to try because I do know I am worth it........ So getting back to the 365 day challenge ....I'm going to try and post something about each day from today until June 6 next year and just see how my life has changed .......

June 6th 2013 .......Its cloudy and windy today ...The temp is 15c  and rain is in the forecast ... Mike is gone on interview and hopefully it will go good because if he gets this job we will be moving to Peace River AB .... I am not having too much pain yet today so hopefully it will be a good day .....


  1. Lovely to see you're thinking positive, I understand how hard it can be sometimes. Looking forward to seeing more. Hugs Sue

  2. Thank You Sue and Im going to try and stay positive :)

  3. Hope you are feeling better now. Panic attacks I hear are bad. I have heard that people have changed their life around when they do a complete change in diet. Wishing you a nice weekend!

  4. You too Angela ......Its going to be hard for me but Im really going to give it a honest try


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