Friday, May 24, 2013

Life at the *Penthouse*

Just to be clear my penthouse is really an apartment on the top floor of an apartment building in downtown Whitby but I love to think of it as my penthouse so that's why I always say penthouse ...... So with that explained ......Hi everyone I hope you are all doing great ....I've been really busy trying to get my book finish so I can work on finding a publisher by the end of the year ....

I can only type for an hour or so a day because of my fibromyalgia and arthritis but its getting close to being finish ....Ive been having a lot of pain lately and I'm not sure if its the weather because its so unsettled or its just how its going to be ....I see my rheumatologist  the second week of June so hopefully I can get more answers then....

I think I hinted to you in some previous post that I had something personal going on but I couldn't share it just yet ....Well it was the fact that Michael had lost his job ......We were and still are going through some rough times now because this Monday will be 7 weeks and still no work ...Hes got a couple good prospects in the works right now so hopefully something good will come soon ......

I am having a hard time with this happening because I was the one who had pushed to move to Canada to be around my family and I wonder now if we had stayed where we were how much better our life would have been.....

I should have realized that wherever I was living with Michael should have been fine  he is my family now ..... My kids are all grown and living in different provinces so I really don't see them anymore then I would have had I stayed in the states.....

As I write this I am reminding of a part of the  song ... Flies on the Butter by Wyonna Judd "It doesn't seem like it was all that long ago Oh, oh, oh - Oh, oh, oh You can dream about it every now and then But you can't go home again"

Anyways please keep us in your thoughts and I do believe that something good will happen soon ...........

Oh I have to show you the most cutest family that has moved in next to our building ...They were all outside yesterday climbing the tree next to our penthouse :) Daddy  Mommy and 4 babies


  1. Oh my goodness, they are so adorable. I would pass hours entertaining myself looking at those cuties. So cute! I enjoyed your writting and so happy your book is coming along. Which publishing house have you picked? Have a great weekend.

  2. Thank You so much for the kind words. I haven't decided anything yet just trying to get it done. To be honest I really have no idea what to do when its finish :) You have a great weekend too

  3. Oh my goodness, are they raccoons? (excuse my ignorance)They are so very very sweet, joys of living in the 'penthouse' yes?

  4. :) yes they are ....and I seen them that one time and they just disappered


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