Thursday, March 21, 2013

Waiting for Something

Up before sunrise but I'm excited about something ....Not sure what it is yet but you know when you feel that anticipation for xmas I feel that but I don't think it's xmas already :).... . Anyways it's Spring and warm weather is coming I can feel it ...... Here is a poem I wrote a very long time ago about Spring coming and now its here ................

Listen friends can't you hear spring is coming it's in the air
           Stand real still and listen close catch the scent of things missed most
           The sound of rain pouring down the sight of sunshine all around
                The scent of flowers kissed by dew these are the things I miss don't you

     Children laughing as they play with no thoughts of yesterday
     Lovers walking hand in hand leaving footprints in the sand
                So when you're feeling sad and blue and winter has taken its toll on you
                    Just stand real still and listen close for sounds of spring and things missed most



  1. The sound of rain pouring I can actually hear! But that lovely verse has made me visualise all the things I love about Spring!

  2. Spring is such a beautiful time of the year! Lovely poem!

  3. Thank you .. I love that poem even if it is mine :)


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