Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Whats Happening ???

Hi everyone ...Sorry I haven't been around for awhile but all this pain and getting used to new meds was really getting to me .......I started taking a new pill along with the gabapentin and it threw off my sleeping and so far has done nothing for my pain ...I finally went back on my sleeping pill but that doesn't get me to stage 4 sleeping and that is where I need to be to start working on the cycle of Fibromyalgia ......I also got a message from my youngest son saying he was worried about the diet coke I was drinking and asked me to stop drinking it so me trying to be nice said yes ....Its now been almost a week without diet coke and I am feeling it  :~/  ....... but I can't break a promise so hopefully it will get better soon

Then I have finally found a Counselor and I started counselling last week ...Im trying to decide if this lady is addressing my needs ....I had my second visit today so I have decided to give it one more try and see where it will go ...She is suppose to be helping me deal with the underline problem of my Fibromyalgia which is usually some trauma that happen sometime in your life and then help me deal with my pain ......The most advice I have after 2 sessions is leave the past in the past ....Well if it's that easy I'm cured and ty :) ....I will see by the next session if she can really help me
I have also gone back to working on my book and hopefully I can get it finish and ready to look for a publisher in the next year or 2 ....I know that seems like a long time but it's hard to tell a story that is still being played out ...I promise I will give you a little preview of it soon ....
So as you can see I have been quite busy but I'm not sure if I have had much progress ....I am really trying to be more positive but sometimes the pain and stress makes that harder to obtain .....I have even resorted to posting quotes from Eeyore on my Facebook page so you know he hasn't been good  :)   Hopefully tomorrow will be better

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