Friday, January 18, 2013

I knew it so why am I handling this so badly

So it's official I have Fibromyalgia and even if my family doctor said she thought that was what it was and I was taking meds for it and having all of the symptoms when the Specialist said you have Fibromyalgia I couldn't look up because I was so close to tears and so didn't want to hear it...... I didn't know what to do

Now it's a new day and I'm a little more informed on what I have to do to help make my day to day living more bearable with this disease ....I have decided to follow the doctors suggestion and start counselling  because of stress and past trauma being the underline cause of Fibromyalgia I need to sort through some things of my past once and for all ....I have also decided to TRY and eat healthier and maybe try some yoga .......

So where this new part of my life will take me I'm not sure but I do know I have been through much worst and have survived so I'm sure in the end I will get through this ..... My thought are always going back to something someone wrote on my facebook page a long time ago and it never quite left my mind "This too shall pass" and I have to believe it will ............


  1. One of my good friends struggles with this and over time she has learned what works best for her. Never easy, but if I could suggest one thing it is to access others for support and to share ideas!

    Marilyn - Olio By Marilyn

  2. I am trying to find a good site for that now ....thank you :)

  3. Kat

    I have no witty remarks to make you laugh or even smile after reading your latest post, all i will say is you have already proved to yourself you are strong (so you CAN cope) you can laugh at yourself (which is very important!! lessons are available from me lol) and you have a support network and people that care deeply for you! There is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling down, or wallowing (perfectly fine but better with Ice Cream!) be kinder to yourself and take it as it hits you - your stronger than you think! honest Winnie the Poo NEVER Lies!!!


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